Ten Game Boy Games Nintendo Needs to Add to Nintendo Switch Online


By Sam Woods

September 4, 2021

Rumours are gaining more and more traction that Nintendo is set to announce that it will be bringing Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to its Nintendo Switch Online service.

Arguably, it makes sense the handheld console is the next to make the jump to Nintendo’s Virtual Console replacement (although I’d personally rather it be the N64) and an announcement seems imminent.

So ahead of that, I’ve put together a list of ten essential Game Boy games that Nintendo needs to put onto the Nintendo Switch Online service ahead of launch.

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – E3 2021 Teaser

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – E3 2021 Teaser

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow

The Game Boy is a nostalgic console for many and it’s hard to argue that any franchise is more synonymous with the handheld than Pokemon.

Red and Blue kicked off the series and spawned a generation of fans who are likely still enamoured with the little monsters today. If the rumours are true, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow simply have to be on the system.

Although arguably the better entry, Pokemon Gold and Silver would be a flagship addition later down the line.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

I may be a little bias as I’ve just got back into the Pokemon TCG, however, Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy was genuinely good.

It was the perfect amalgamation of two of the main prongs of the Pokemon phenomenon – the games and trading cards – and it did so in a successful way.

I have no doubts that if Nintendo put this on the Nintendo Switch Online service, there will be no shortage of players.

Pokemon Pinball

Okay, this is the last Pokemon game, I promise.

While Pokemon Red and Blue propelled the franchise to stardom and Pokemon Trading Card Game was a combination of two key cogs in the series, Pokemon Pinball tried something completely different.

Half pinball game, half Pokemon collect-a-thon, this would be another welcome addition should Game Boy games be heading to the Switch.

Wave Race

While not quite as high profile as Pokemon, the Wave Race series deserves its place in the annals of Nintendo history.

The premise of the Wave Race games was always simple, you literally raced on jetskis across the waves, however, they had a nice level of challenge, variety and replayability, enough so that the Game Boy version is worthy of a place on this list.


It’s Tetris. It’s the best selling game on the whole console and is arguably the only game that could beat Pokemon’s claim to the Game Boy throne.

The simplicity of the gameplay, its addictive high score chasing nature and historical significance means this is a must for the service.

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land is one of the more polarising Mario titles.

The game takes place in a bizarre Earth-like setting named Sarasaland and contains levels that include Moai, Pyramids and bamboo forests.

It’s safe to say that Land is one of the shorter Mario titles, easily completed within an hour, it’s still a slick and creative adventure for gaming’s favourite plumber.

Wario Land 2

The Wario Land games never seem to get the respect that they deserve.

They take the 2D Mario formula and flip it on its head by adding new kooky power-ups and mechanics that alter the gameplay in fun and exciting ways.

I would have had no problem putting this in the list if there were only five games instead of ten.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong ’94 is regarded as the best of the Donkey Kong arcade-style games and one of the best Donkey Kong games of all time.

It combines elements that made the arcade title so popular with a bunch of great puzzles and again, is an all but essential addition when the service finally arrives.

Kirby’s Dream Land

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo compilation without a Kirby game and Kirby’s Dream Land is the obvious Game Boy candidate for the Nintendo Switch Online service.

The game just missed out on the top ten best selling games on the system and provides sold platforming action.

Metroid II – Return of Samus

Selling less than Alleyway, Tennis and F-1 Race, Return of Samus isn’t exactly a high point in the Metroid series but it’s a Metroid game nonetheless.

In a year where we’re getting a brand 2D Metroid, Return of Samus is another title that needs its place on the list.

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