Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle is Coming to 3DS This Summer

on February 1, 2014 9:30 PM

The 3DS console is adding another game to its roster, coming this summer. Bandai Namco has announced it is releasing the video game adaptation of the Cartoon Network series and toy line Tenkai Knights entitled Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle.

The game will follow the Tenkai Knights as they plan to stop the Corrupted and their leader Vilius from over taking the planet Quarton and Earth.

Eons ago, Quarton was a peaceful planet protected by The Corekai, valiant fighters who were sworn to protect the planet’s most valuable resource—Tenkai Energy. However, The Corekai were overrun by The Corrupted, an evil army led by the ruthless warlord Vilius, leaving Quarton ravaged by centuries of war and destruction. Before Vilius delivered his final crushing blow, four valiant heroes known as the Tenkai Knights emerged to save the planet from Vilius’ grasp. With peace restored, the Corekai regrouped but the four Tenkai Knights were never to be seen again. Thousands of years later, Vilius has returned more powerful than ever with an even more malicious plot to not only seize control over Quarton but take over the planet Earth as well; will the Tenkai Knights prevail once again?

Namco will also design its story and four-player versus modes in 2D, action-oriented gameplay. There will also be customizable robots, with the ability to shapeshift into different modes during battle.

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