Tennis World Tour Launches on PS4 and Xbox One Without Online Multiplayer

Tennis World Tour Launches on PS4 and Xbox One Without Online Multiplayer

Breakpoint and Bigben Interactive released Tennis World Tour on PS4 and Xbox One today, but it lacks one key feature: online multiplayer.

Today marks the launch of Tennis World Tour from Bigben Interactive and Breakpoint on PS4, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, the the game’s online multiplayer is not yet available, and like the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, will come at a later date.

This news comes from a post on the game’s Facebook page celebrating the game’s launch. Breakpoint called this last minute multiplayer delay “disappointing”, but is also claiming to be “working really hard to alleviate the situation as soon as possible.” While it’s surprising that a sports game would launch without such an important feature, multiplayer will be added soon through two phases.

According to the developers, the first phase will add online quick matches to the game, while the second one will add both global leaderboards and a ranked online mode. That being said, all single-player features and local multiplayer are intact for those who decide to pick Tennis World Tour up today.

In this launch post, Breakpoint also discussed what other new features they plan on implementing into Tennis World Tour after online multiplayer is added. This includes a Doubles mode, Weekly Challenges, new outfits and accessories, improved sliding animations, and better audio.

You can check out the game’s recently released launch trailer below. Tennis World Tour is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, and will release on PC and Nintendo Switch June 12. Those of you who are interested can also currently pick up the game on Amazon.

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