TERA Gets a Closed Beta Recap With an Eye on the Future and a New Argon Invasion Trailer

on April 4, 2012 5:00 PM

TERA’s closed beta test 5 is this weekend, and En Masse Entertainmet published a list of changes that will be part of the open beta and launch builds.

In closed beta 4 some tweaks were made that reduced HP in levels 1-15 by 30% to make the starter zone more exciting for new players. Sadly, this didn’t work out the way it was planned and proven not to make the low level areas much more thrillig. To make up for it, named mobs will be increased in difficulty.

Eventually by open beta and launch, enchanting will no longer have the chance to fail and identifying enigmatic items will give players the option to unlock attributes of their choice.

There will also be more gear and skill options, a revamped started zone, and better quality voice overs and cutscenes. Maybe Elin NPCs will finally stop telling me to eat healthier.

En Masse also published a new trailer themed after the Argon Invasion that you can watch below. You can check out the complete developer diary here.

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