TERA Release Dates Announced, European Cover Art Revealed

TERA Release Dates Announced, European Cover Art Revealed

Both En Masse Entertainment and Frogster  announced today the official release dates for the anticipated action MMORPG TERA. The game will be published in the US on May the 1st, while European gamers will have to wait two more days for the release on May the 3rd.

In the US the game will be available both in a collector’s edition and in a standard one, online and in retail stores. The retail edition will be distributed by Atari.

There’s no word about a collector’s edition in Europe for the moment. The game will be distibuted in European brick and mortar stores by Ubisoft. Frogster also released the European cover art, that you can see below.

Despite what many analysts love to say about monthly fees in MMORPGs, TERA will require paying one in both markets. The European version of the game will include English, French and German language options.

We contacted Frogster about the possible availability of an European Collector’s edition and we’ll keep you posted with any information we receive.

UPDATE: we received a remarkably fast reply from Frogster that clarified that specific information about editions and preorders will be released in the upcoming weeks. European collectible lovers can still hope not to miss on their TERA Memorabilia.