Tera Reveals Adorable Character ‘Miniguns’ in New Elin Gunner Trailer

Tera Reveals Adorable Character ‘Miniguns’ in New Elin Gunner Trailer

En Masse Entertainment kicks of their December event for Tera with the launch of a new elin gunner character class trailer.

En Masse Entertainment launched a new trailer for their action combat MMORPG, Tera, available now on PC.

The trailer announces a new playable character for the game, Miniguns, a elin gunner who is a small, but powerful fighter who wields weapons that are practically twice her size. The Miniguns update also adds a hard mode option for the end-game dungeon, as well as, a elin gunner-themed leveling event, and special log-in rewards for each weekend of December. This update also allows players to create and use elin gunners in battle.

Additionally, all Tera players will receive a free character slot if they log in before December 8. Also, a game-wide leveling event will take place through January 2, 2018; as players level up a new character in Tera, they will be able to unlock special event rewards such as, valuable gems, a 15-day looting pet, Elite Status access, and a permanent Snowdrift mount. If players reach max level by the end of the event they will unlock an exclusive Pink Will Suit and Pink Arcannon.

Weekend rewards will also be given out to players who spend three hours or more in the game during December: Golden Talents, Noctenium Elixirs, and even a Royal Diamond Dragon or Azure Phoenix flying mount.

You can check out the Miniguns trailer below: