TERA Wraps Up Closed Beta, Provides Lots of Numbers

TERA Wraps Up Closed Beta, Provides Lots of Numbers

TERA‘s closed beta ended last weekend, while next week marks the beginning of the open beta, and En Masse Entertainment provided us with some statistics to give us a glimpse on the scope of the event.

Players slayed 7.8 billion monsters. They also formed 90,000 parties and over 3,600 guilds, earned 14.5 billion gold, looted 20 million items and died almost 2 million times.

More than one-third of TERA Closed Beta players chose to create characters on PvP servers, and 200,000 PvP battles were fought.

Castanics emerged as the most popular character race (This might have something to do with their peculiar and rather skimpy fashion trends), followed closely by humans and high elves. Warrior was the most played class, with sorcerer and slayer close behind.

While the game will be launched officially on May the 1st, there won’t be a character wipe after the beginning of the open beta on April the 19th. Might as well get ready and check out our interview with Prducer Stefan Ramirez in the meanwhile.