TERA’s Vanarch Political Campaign to Start on May the 18th

TERA’s Vanarch Political Campaign to Start on May the 18th

There’s one thing I won’t be able to talke about in my upcoming review of TERA, and that’s the peculiar political system, that will allow players to be elected Vanarch of a province for three weeks.

The “political campaign” is set to kick off  on may the 18th, so the first Vanarchs will enter office way after my review will be published. That said, the system sounds extremely interesting on paper.

After May the 18th there will be one week for guild leaders to register and announce their candidacy. They will need to have at least a level 50 character who is the leader of a level three guild with at least 20 members, and pay a candidacy fee of 3,000 gold and 100 Catharnach awards.

On May the 25th registration will be closed and voting will commence. Every player on each server will have a single vote for each of the three continents included in the game. On June the 1st those with the most votes will become the first Vanarchs of TERA in the US.

The first Western Vanarchs in TERA will not be from the American side of the ocean, as the system will go live a bit earlier in Europe. Registration there will start on May the 15th, followed by voting on May the 23rd. Elected Vanarchs will start their reign on May the 30th.

Vanarchs will be able to control several aspects of the game in their province, from specialty stores to taxes and teleporters. In order to take action, they will have to complete extremely difficult Vanarch Quests with the aid of their guild.

What methods will the candidates use to become the first rulers of TERA? Coaxing? Bribery? Brute Force? Sex appeal? We can only wait and see. Personally, I know I won’t run. My character is way too handsome and it wouldn’t be fair.