TerraTech Gets Launch Trailer to Celebrate PC and Xbox One Releases

TerraTech Gets Launch Trailer to Celebrate PC and Xbox One Releases

Crafting sandbox game Terra Tech builds its way onto PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this week with a colorful new launch trailer.

Xbox One and PC are currently home to a new crafting-centric sandbox title called TerraTech, with a PlayStation 4 release due for early next week.

TerraTech, created by British development team Payload Studios, takes the familiar concept of LEGO or K’nex and applies it to an open world adventure. The graphics are deliberately blocky to recreate that feeling of playing with brick-based toys. The player scavenges for materials and uses them to build a number of different vehicle types, from planes to tanks. From here players can travel off to survey the alien landscapes which vary from lush greenery to barren deserts and frozen terrain.

Of course, enemies await within the sandbox, so players must ensure that they’re ready for battle. Weapons can be attached to your creations enabling heavy firepower from mounted rocket launchers and machine guns. The trailer shows a number of air and ground-based battles where players struggle to keep all their blocks secured to their vehicles.

TerraTech is out now on PC and Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 release is due for Tuesday, August 14. You can view the launch trailer below: