Terraria: Journey's End Arrives on PC May 16, Consoles Later

After an extra few months in development, the final Terraria patch is just about ready for primetime. Journey's End launches on May 16.

Terraria: Journey’s End is the upcoming fourth and final major content update for the hit action-adventure sandbox game. Originally scheduled to come out last year, the update finally has a firm release date for the middle of next month. There is a truckload of new content coming with Journey’s End. New items, NPCs, gameplay updates, and tons more will serve as a fitting celebration for developer Re-Logic’s nearly decade-long support of the game.

Breaking down everything coming in Journey’s End would take forever. Instead, here are a few highlights for the final Terraria update. There are around 800 new items for you to find and craft. This includes several new weapons, some furniture, great new bits to eat, and so much more. You’ll even have access to a new flying squirrel-like pet and a vampire frog minion. You can even ride a mount that looks like a lava shark now. It all looks great. On top of that, there’s a new in-game bestiary, a new difficulty mode called Master mode, several new biomes, and even golf. They’ve really thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this last update.

If you’d like to check out everything coming, the Terraria wiki has everything you could want to know. Be warned though, it’s a huge list of changes, so set aside some time. That said, this is an incredibly exciting time to be a Terraria fan. We’re only a month away from an absolutely gigantic update that should give players plenty to do for the coming months. It’s all shaping up to be a fitting end.

Terraria is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Journey’s End update hits PC on May 16. Re-Logic hasn’t announced the console release dates just yet, but that should come relatively soon.

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