Pipeworks Studio Shows Off a Snippet of Terraria Running on the Nintendo Switch

Pipeworks Studio Shows Off a Snippet of Terraria Running on the Nintendo Switch

Terraia, the two-dimensional, Minecraft-like available on every console under the sun, is shown running on the Nintendo Switch in a new video.

It seems like almost every day there’s new gameplay footage of another indie darling running on the Nintendo Switch. Today that indie darling is Piperworks Studio’s port of Terraria, a two-dimensional, procedurally generated game focused on crafting and exploring.

Posted as a short video on the Pipeworks Studio Twitter page, the new footage shows Terraria running on a Switch in handheld mode. The Switch’s screen bears a sticky note with the message, “Work in progress! No launch date! UI/Controls work!”

One has to respect Pipeworks Studio’s ability to answer every possible question we can have about the port within the confines of a Post-It. On second thought, they’re probably used to the constant barrage of questions pertaining to ports seeing as Terraria has already been released on every console under the sun. Over the course of the last seven years, Terraria has been released on Windows, Mac, Linux, PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U, and iOS. At this rate, it’s looking to give Skyrim a run for its money.

As DualShockers previously reported, Terraria was initially supposed to be released for the Switch at some point last year. While we’re already deep into 2018, all we can hope is that Pipeworks Studio will right the ship and release this game soon. After all, given the game’s 16-bit graphics and charming art style, the Switch feels like the perfect platform to experience Terraria for the first time.

You can check out Terraria on any of the previously mentioned platforms right now. If you’re like me and (patiently) waiting for the Switch port, DualShockers will keep you posted as soon as we learn more information.