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TES IV: Oblivion Gamer Sets New World Record With 2.5 Minute Speedrun

January 6, 2022

YouTuber Dezmone nails a new Oblivion World Record Speedrun, getting to the game’s end in just 2min and 34 seconds.

Speedrunning is a massive community, with players constantly trying new tricks and exploring new glitches to reach the top of the leaderboard. From Halo Infinite to Minecraft, players have found the best ways to speed through their favorite games.

One speedrunner recently accomplished the ultimate speedrun goal – a world record. Dezmone of DezmoneSpeedruns recently completed a record-setting The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion speedrun, coming in at 2 minutes and 34 seconds flat. Keep reading below to see just how they accomplished it!


In a video posted on New Year’s Eve, DezmoneSpeedruns accomplished an impressive 2min. 34 seconds speedrun of Oblivion. Taking advantage of a mix of old and new glitches and speedrun tricks, they were able to beat the previous world record (which he also held) by 2 full seconds.

Notably, Dezmone relied on wall clipping to skip through large sections of the game. Wall clipping places the player character out of bounds, sending them falling through buildings and past enemies. It’s a potentially risky move if done unsuccessfully, as an infinite wall clip could ruin the whole speedrun.

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Additionally, Dezmone utilized a newer technique called loadwarping. This occurs when players open doors and pause the game in quick succession. As a result, speedrunners can carry a character from a previous save file through doors, rather than the currently played character. This shaves off precious seconds, resulting in a faster overall speedrun.

Even better, loadwarping can actually move characters from several different save files at once. In the video, Dezmone activates the glitch while their character is sitting. Unable to keep up with player character positioning, the game pushes both characters out of bounds to travel further through the game.

Further, Dezmone utilizes a well-known skip – the Dragonfire skip. Originally discovered in 2007, this skip allows players to wall clip through doors in the Imperial City. As they explain, “On the last main quest, the doors in Imperial City get swapped out with an identical door where the city is affected by the Daedra attack. For some reason, one of these doors can be accessed by wall clipping.

With his toolbox of speedrun tricks, Dezmone lands the Oblivion World Record speedrun. View his full video below:

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