Teslagrad Offers Beauty, Puzzles, And Steampunk-Tesla Action

Teslagrad Offers Beauty, Puzzles, And Steampunk-Tesla Action

Adventure! Puzzles! Steampunk! Teslamancers! Really, there doesn’t seem to be anything Teslagrad is missing when pleasing science nerds like myself.

Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle-platformer by Rain Games starring a boy who suddenly finds himself in the middle of an age old conflict. Inside the abandoned Tesla Tower, this “young lad” must use the power of electricity and magnetism and the technology of the Teslamancers to survive and learn the truth.

Most interesting about is the complete lack of dialogue or text, a decision made to tell a narrative purely through visual means. The entire game is non-linear, allowing players to explore more than 100 hand-drawn environments, inspired by a steampunk vision of “old Europe.” The game will also include puzzles that range from mildly challenging to “keyboard-smashing, controller chewing frustration,” and up to five “old-school boss fights.”

Teslagrad is currently in its Alpha stage, and is set to release this Fall for the PC. Mac and Linux versions are also on the way, though no release date has been set yet. Check out the Teslagrad Steam Greenlight page and Rain Games’ website for more details. Also check out the two Teslagrad trailers–one “Action” and one “Mood”–and screenshots below for a closer look at the game.

Action Trailer

Mood Trailer