Teslagrad Slated For a PS Vita Release This Summer

Teslagrad Slated For a PS Vita Release This Summer

For anyone who’s followed my continued coverage of Rain Games’ recently released Teslagrad, you may have noticed that I occasionally dream of a PS Vita release that would allow me to take the gorgeous puzzle platformer with me on the go. My prayers have been answered, because today a PS Vita port has been announced for  this summer.

Teslagrad was a fantastic experience — so much that I gave the PC version a 9.5 out of ten in my review — one that stars a young boy who finds himself in Tesla Tower, a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe.

Teslagrad has more than 100 hand-drawn environments that players can explore as they like, as long as they have the proper tools, which includes control over magnetism and electricity. Between its visual storytelling, its soundtrack, its complex puzzles and its old school boss fights, the game is one I’d highly recommend.

On the PS Vita, according to an interview with the game’s lead programmer and “code teslamancer” Fredrik Ludvigsen on the PlayStation Blog, the game made the transition quite smoothly, with memory usage cut down and the touch screen emulating a mouse pointer for menu selection. The buttons will work just as well as a joystick or gamepad does on the computer.

One thing that they’re working on is reducing background loading times, which is more visible on consoles than it is on PC, due to the system architecture. So optimization tests are being run now to make the experience as smooth as it was on the PC, where there were no loading time in the entire game from start to finish. On the Vita though, Unity makes the transition well for textures and animations, as well as the memory. Mostly they just have to “shrink” everything, which will be easier on the Vita with its 512MB memory than the PS3’s 256MB memory.

The game was previously released to PC, Mac and Linux platforms via Steam, Desura and other digital distributors for $9.99/£6.99/€8.99. While the upcoming releases have no set price point or exclusive content announced yet, you can at least expect the PS3 and Wii U versions during Spring of this year, and once again on the PS Vita during the Summer.

For more details on what this game is about and why I adore it, check out all of our Teslagrad news, screenshots and trailers.