Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Officially Revealed at Nancon Connect

It's happening! Rev your horsepowers!

It might feel as if it’s been a long time since you played that Test Drive Unlimited game from Eden Games, and to be honest, that’s probably because the original launched back in 2006 and the sequel in 2011. Since then, we’ve not heard anything about the game. During today’s Nancon Connect stream though, the third installment of the Test Drive Unlimited series was announced and it’s called Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

The cinematic trailer was revealed, showing off a bunch of close up shots of pretty cars and a woman’s boot. Solar Crown is the name of an in-game competition that was present in the previous games. The new game looks to give players a “variety of things to do” and offers the freedom to progress however they see fit.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown looks as if it’ll be keeping the enjoyment of the older games but updating them to fit with the current audience. Alain Jarniou, creative director at KT Racing said that they wanted to relaunch the franchise “because there’s no real equivalent at the moment.”

It’ll be making use of the studio’s expertise in previous racing games, such as the physics engine to drive vehicles from all of the WRC  games the studio has worked on. Player’s will also be able to update their character and purchase flashy cars such as Bugatti, Dodge, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Porsche, Lamborghini, and more. The open-world map is said to be on a 1:1 scale. “Everything  you can see, you can visit.” The location wasn’t confirmed.

The official Test Drive Twitter account yesterday already started teasing a video showing off a minimalistic logo. The tweet read, “We’re back!” followed by a sun emoji and a crown emoji. Get it? Solar…crown!?

Bigben Interactive had not only acquired the Test Drive brand (In 2016) but had recently brought all of its gaming activities under the Nancon banner. Nancon was originally Bigben Group’s gaming accessories brand, which actually had an accessory section take place during the stream revealing some fancy accessories.

Back in early March of this year, Nancon spoke with GamesBeat, revealing a list of companies it had bought. One of those was KT Racing, Kylotonn which was revealed in the interview to be working on “the next Test Drive Unlimited game.” There was also a leak last year on Reddit revealing not only a bunch of possible information about the upcoming racing game such as the potential setting and cars. But the leak also accurately revealed that KT Racing was working on the game.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown doesn’t have a release date as of yet as the studio is focused on perfecting the game and the technology. It is however heading to PC on Steam.

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