Tetris 99 is Getting a Physical Release in September

Tetris 99 is Getting a Physical Release in September

If you've been waiting to try out Tetris 99, its physical release on September 6 may finally entice you.

When Tetris 99 launched as a Nintendo Switch Online exclusive, it was one of the biggest draws to an otherwise lackluster service and found great success. Due to that success, the game has seen healthy post-launch support and even inspired a similar mobile game called Tetris Royale. Tetris 99 has even proven popular enough to earn itself a physical release on September 6, which was recently announced by Nintendo.

The physical release will cost $29.99, but it does come with both a year of Nintendo Switch Online and the $9.99 Big Block DLC. Nintendo has not revealed whether or not the retail version of Tetris 99 will include anything else to entice people further to pick up a physical version of a free game. If you are curious as to why a game so closely tied to Nintendo Switch Online is being sold physically, that is because it recently received offline support via the Big Block DLC.

So far, the Big Block DLC has let players try the 99 player mode against bots and given access to a more traditional Marathon mode. At an unspecified date later this year, Tetris 99 will also be gaining the ability to hold 8 player wireless Local Arena battles as well a two-player mode call Share Battle. Hopefully, this content arrives before or on September 6. You can check out Nintendo’s tweets on the physical release below:

Tetris 99 is currently available via Nintendo Switch Online, which you can pick up a year of on Amazon, but will be receiving a physical release as well on September 6, 2019.

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