Forget Playing Tetris on the Switch, Try This Backpack Instead

Forget Playing Tetris on the Switch, Try This Backpack Instead

Maybe the new announcement for Tetris 99 that includes a battle royale just isn't for you and you're wondering if there are other ways to play it? I can confirm there is and it's much much cooler

At last nights Nintendo Direct, we saw some top-tier announcements with The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake probably being my most anticipated title. Another classic game that got introduced was Tetris 99 – but with a twist as the Battle Royale craze has no limits it seems and has set its sights on the pureness of the retro hit. If the thought of playing the BR influenced title on your switch doesn’t set your pulse racing, then let me introduce another versatile way you can play – with no battle royale in sight, too.

Over on IndieGoGo, you can pick up a digital backpack for those who dare to be different and play Tetris on the go, as well as many other games. All the wearer has to do is connect their mobile to the backpack via the PIX app and from there download games plus some cool animations, widgets, or emojis which are then displayed on your backpack as you either walk around the city or while sitting on the train or bus.

The co-creator of the backpack Sergii Iezdin really did think of everything here as there’s also plenty of pockets for essentials like phone chargers, key leashes, notebooks, power banks pocket, a place to keep all your important documents and even a bottle. It even has separate storage for a laptop with a size of up to 15 inches. But, the best part is being able to play Tetris…on a backpack! Sorry Switch, but I think this one wins.


Currently, 597 people have offered their support by backing the PIX Backpack from all over the world with an initial set goal of $35,000, but that was soon overtaken due to its popularity and now sits at $272,060, with some of that money being raised on Kickstarter too. The PIX backpack isn’t what you’d call cheap with the lowest price you can currently pick one up for is $218, but if you take into consideration that it’s a pretty heavy duty backpack that you can also play games on, then I think it would be money well spent – plus you’d look awesome wearing it too and that’s something money can’t buy.

Thankfully, you can receive the backpack from anywhere in the world so, if you fancy pre-ordering one with the estimated delivery date sometime next month, then jump on over to the website and grab yourself one of the world’s first digitalized backpacks and get playing some Tetris.

If you need some visualization to help you decide if this is for you or not, you can take a look at the unboxing video below. If you want to jump straight into the Tetris playing part, skip to 4.04. Enjoy!