Tetris Effect Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Soundtrack News and More

Tetris Effect gets a PS4 physical game reissue, an update to the long-awaited soundtrack release, and more as Enhance celebrates the game's first birthday.

Tetris Effect released on PS4 and PSVR last November to critical and commercial success. The game remains one of the best titles you can play on PSVR and its port to PC was equally well-received. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the game’s release month, the developers have made some cool, new announcements.

As mentioned, there were several announcements made today. First up is the news that Enhance is partnering with Limited Run Games to reissue a physical version of the PS4 release. The game has largely sold out of its retail stock. Which makes this is welcome news for anyone hoping to pick up a physical copy this holiday. It also features reversible cover art, making it a fun collector’s item.

Staying with that partnership, Enhance and Limited Run are producing a vinyl release of the games’ soundtrack. The soundtrack comes in two forms: “a 2-disc set featuring 17 of the game’s most popular songs, and a complete, 5-disc limited-edition of all 40 tracks from Tetris Effect“. Each soundtrack will come with a code to download all 40 tracks digitally.

Along with all of that, the team made a new dynamic theme for the PS4. This is available now in the Americas and Japan, while Europe and Asia can download it around November 21. The theme is based on the game’s final level and looks great.

Pre-orders for all of the physical goods will open up on November 22. The PS4 game will run you $39.99, while the soundtracks will cost $34.99 (2-disc) and $99.99 (5-disc). Tetris Effect has one of the better soundtracks that came out last year. It’s surprising it’s taken this long for the team to release a physical version, but it seems likely that the wait is well worth it.

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