Tetris Effect Launch Trailer Highlights Just How Mesmerizing the Game Can Get

Tetris Effect Launch Trailer Highlights Just How Mesmerizing the Game Can Get

Tetris Effect hit PS4 today, so Enhance Games put out a launch trailer showing just enthralling the game can get.

Today marks the launch of Tetris Effect, the latest musically-oriented puzzle game from Japanese developer Enhance Games. As is usually standard with game releases, a launch trailer was put out today on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. That being said, this trailer stands out from the usually launch day video fare by highlighting just mesmerizing Tetris Effect can get when it’s firing on all cylinders.

Specifically, this trailer is able to so by showing how Tetris Effect’s music is acutely tied to gameplay no matter what stage one is playing in. The trailer also does a good job at highlight several of the game’s level aesthetics within Journey Mode and some of the more gimmicky challenges Tetris Effect will throw at experienced players in the game’s later stages.

Personally, this trailer only get me more hyped to try Tetris Effect out for myself. I’m an avid fan of traditional Tetris, so I was surprised a the announcement of Tetris Effect as it is much different than what I had come to expect from the series. Still, I was confident in the game as Enhance had proven themselves with a another music-based puzzle game, Lumines Remastered, earlier this year. After trying out the demo last weekend, I was enthralled by what I played, so I’ll definitely be picking up Tetris Effect at some point in the future.

Outside of Journey Mode and not mentioned in the trailer are Effect Mode, where players can try different kinds of level sets depending on their mood, and Weekend Rituals, which are community based events set to happen every weekend where players must work together to meet a community point goal and unlock a special in-game avatar. Tetris Effect sees to be a very fleshed out package for a puzzle game, which makes sense as it costs $39.99.

You can watch the captivating launch trailer below as well. Tetris Effect is now available exclusively on PS4, with a physical version of the game available on Amazon.

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