Tetris Effect Limited Demo Launches Alongside a Mini-Documentary

Tetris Effect Limited Demo Launches Alongside a Mini-Documentary

Tetris Effect launches a demo more limited than P.T. for PS4, as well as a short documentary on the impact Tetris has on people's lives.

One week before its launch, Tetris Effect has put out a free, limited time demo on PS4 today. The demo also launched alongside a short mini-documentary discussing the actual Tetris Effect (not the game itself), where people see the iconic tetrominoes in their every day life.

The demo features full support for 2D, 4K HDR play, and optional PS VR support. There are three stages from the game’s story mode dubbed “Journey Mode,” as well as Marathon and Mystery Mode from the “Effects Modes.” There will also be a 24-hour special “Weekend Ritual” starting Saturday November 3 at 8:00 AM EST.

This demo’s weekend ritual will have participants play a specific mode to earn points and contribute them toward a community goal. If that goal is met within the 24-hour period, then players may use a special in-game avatar for the demo only. Similar Weekend Rituals will be a regular event in the main game.

Marathon Mode is similar to previous versions of the classic mode. The goal is to clear 150 lines without having your blocks stack to the top of the screen. Mystery Mode has been featured in recent footage from the press tour that the game’s creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi has been on for the past two weeks. Random, usually negative, effects happen during a game of Tetris and players must survive the challenge as long as they can.

The demo itself is truly limited though. It requires an online connection and will be unplayable after Monday morning on November 5. Even if players have the demo downloaded it will cease to work. There was a brief statement about this in the blog post, which states the following:

“Note: This is a true limited-time demo—once it’s deactivated early on Monday, November 5, the demo will no longer be playable or available for download. Because of this, an online connection is required to play the demo, though it’s not required for the final game.”

Tetris Effect is out next week on November 9 for PS4 with PS VR support and pre-order bonuses. If you enjoy the demo enough to pick up the full game, you may pre-order the game on Amazon.

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