Tetris Effect May Be Coming Soon to Oculus Quest

According to several Reddit users, Tetris Effect may be "coming soon" to an Oculus Quest near you.

Tetris Effect remains one of the best VR experiences out there. The game garnered heaps of praise when it launched on PSVR in November 2018 and many have been hoping it would come to the Oculus Quest. If a new report from UploadVR is proven true, fans might not have to wait much longer for that to happen. Yesterday, multiple screenshots popped up on Reddit, showing Tetris Effect listed as “Coming Soon” in the Quest store.

If this turns out to be true, that’s a massive win for Quest owners. Tetris Effect is one of the must-play titles, and having it in the standalone headset would be a dream come true. Obviously, this is still very much in the “rumor” category, but with multiple Reddit users posting several screenshots, it’s starting to feel pretty likely. Plus, the Quest is a huge hit for Oculus. You have to imagine they’re doing everything they can to get the biggest and best VR hits on their platform. Tetris Effect is certainly one of those.

When we reviewed Tetris Effect on PSVR, we gave it a 9/10 and said: “Tetris has never looked, sounded, or played (this) masterfully”. It’s safe to say that the same holds true for a potential Quest version. Obviously, you can get the game on the Quest through the Oculus Link; however, that still requires a tethered connection. If the game comes natively to Quest, you’ll be able to play it anywhere. That’s huge.

Again, this is all still speculation. We can’t be certain that Tetris Effect is coming to Oculus Quest, and we certainly don’t know its release date. That said, stick with DualShockers for further updates.

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