Tetris Effect Comes to PS4 and PS VR in November

Tetris Effect Comes to PS4 and PS VR in November

Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Enhance Games' Tetris Effect finally has a launch date in early November.

Tetris Effect made a splash earlier this year ahead of E3 when it was revealed that Tetsuya Mizuguchi–the creative mind behind classics like Rez and Lumines–and his team were creating a new Tetris game that would have VR functionality.

Now, Enhance Games has announced a release for the title via their official Twitter account and it’s actually pretty close. Tetris Effect will be launching later this Fall on November 9. Somehow that’s only about six weeks away and I’m now realizing just how fast 2018 has gone by.

While Tetris Effect will be playable in virtual reality through PS VR, it’s by no means only able to be played in this manner. If you’d like to still experience the game but you don’t own a headset, you can play it like normal on your TV on PS4. That said, I cannot wait to try this one our in VR and I’m stoked that I own PS VR to give it a shot. Rez VR is still one of my favorite VR experiences ever and I’m hoping that Tetris Effect will be just as awesome.

Enhance promised that more details for Tetris Effect would be revealed soon, so we’ll keep on a look out to see what else they might have to say before release day.