Tetsuya Nomura to Partner With Capcom for Exclusive Armor Sets for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Palico Mega Man Armor Revealed

on October 11, 2014 1:40 PM

Capcom had a special treat for fans who attended the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate panel today at NYCC: Tetsuya Nomura, the famous character designer for the Final Fantasy series, has designed special armor sets for the title.

According to Nomura, he based the designs off of summons, and that inspiration shines through as the patterns and color palette resembles the dragon summon Bahamut. He stated that he was inspired to use summons as a base because he felt that hunters seemed nearly powerless against these powerful monsters.

Going with this train of thought, he also designed Felyne armor based on Warrior of Light’s classic design, as a summon always needs a summoner to call it.

Finally, Capcom revealed new armor for Palico companions, based on the incredibly popular Mega Man. It even comes with a weapon shaped and colored like Rush, Mega Man’s faithful canine companion. Players will even receive a nifty guild card with the Mega Man-themed Palico pictured.

All of these bonuses will be included in-game.

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