TGS 2010: Disgaea 4 Shown Off By Nippon Ichi

By Chad Awkerman

September 18, 2010

We got confirmation a couple months ago at an NIS America event, but now we actually see some media come out for Disgaea 4, the latest in the quirky strategy RPG franchise. Many were hoping that the visuals would be taken up a notch from the previous title, considering we’re so much farther into this console generation – and they have. Disgaea 4 features high-resolution sprites, as well as other new features, like a network mode.

Disgaea 4 comes out on February 24, 2011 in Japan, and will include a code to download the new playable character Flonne as a bonus in all first print copies. This probably confirms that this new title will have a bevy of downloadable characters and content, much like Disgaea 3 did. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more about this latest iteration of Disgaea in the coming months, but for now, you get the video trailer and artwork below.

Detailing their online system, it was stated by Nippon Ichi CEO Souhei Niikawa that if you’re connected online, you’ll be able to attack other players, and they’ll be able to attack you. There will be some precautions put into place so high-level players don’t obliterate a new player. Attacking other players isn’ t the only thing you can do, either – you can also help them.

It was also mentioned that t he theme of the game will be more political, allowing the player to manage and deal with internal government factions.

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