TGS 2010: Sony Touts Sales Figures

TGS 2010: Sony Touts Sales Figures


During Sony’s showing at the Tokyo Game Show, Japanese president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Mr. Hiroshi Kawano, kicked things off by elaborating on the global success of the PlayStation brand.

Mr. Kawano says that the PS3 has sold 5 million units in its homeland of Japan and that a whopping 2 million of those sales have occurred within the last 365 days. Globally, the PS3 has sold 38 million units. The PSP has sold 62 million units globally, with a staggering 15 million of them sold on Japanese soil.

Accordingly, regarding the sales of the PS3 things are “on track”. Kawano finished by saying that, regarding the brand, that there is:

“very positive momentum in Japan and around the world,”

What a fine, fine day to be a PlayStation owner.