TGS 2011: NIS America Bringing Hyperdimension Neptunia MK-2, Disgaea 3 Return and More to the West

In a slew of announcements today from NIS America, four games were outed for Western localization. Anyone who is surprised by this doesn’t know NISA very well, but it’s nice to see the official announcements anyway. First up we have the sequel to last year’s PS3-exclusive RPG Hyperdemension Neptunia, putting yourself in the role of NepNep’s younger sister, Nepgear, back in the world of Gamindustri. All I have to say about this is it has more of a free-roaming, action-based battle system and a faster combo system. ‘Nuff said. I will be buying.

Next up, Disgaea 3 Return, which we’ve heard a lot about recently, is coming to PlayStation Vita owners in North America with the title Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention. Also, keeping page with the other Disgaea announcements is a game in the series coming to the Android platform called Disgaea: Netherworld Unbound. It’ll keep the same basic gameplay from the Disgaea franchise, but will be adapted for better intuitiveness on a mobile, touch-screen device. My only question is – no iOS version?

Finally, we see NISA going into the realm of Xbox 360 and PC gaming with multiplayer game Clan of Champions, which will be released on all three platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, PC). In Clan of Champions you can play solo, three-player co-op or in 3v3 battles. This marks the first time NISA has released a game in North America on both Microsoft’s console and the PC.

It’s likely more detailed information on these titles will be coming down the line soon, but this is great news for RPG fans everywhere and those who play across all major platforms. Stay tuned for more as it rolls in!

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