TGS 2012: Fantasy Life Shown Off

TGS 2012: Fantasy Life Shown Off

At TGS 2012, Level Five was showing off their upcoming Japanese 3DS game, Fantasy Life.

The game takes place in a country called Le Fantasy and will feature an open world  with the ability to select from different occupations. Players have the ability to choose from twelve different lives to live which leads to character creation.

The game features a Carefree System that allows players to play as an angler, lumberjack, or riverbed miner. When fishing players will be able to press A on the 3DS to reduce the fishes HP until it hits zero. Lumberjack must cut trees and riverbed miner goes around looking for ores.

The second system of the game is the Fighting System where players can choose classes for how they will engage enemies in the field. One job is the mercenary that will get missions such as facing off against certain monsters. Hunters have the ability to fight from range using a bow that can be give effects such as sleep and paralysis. The wizard class is able to use magic to attack. All the standards of an RPG are here including leveling up characters.

The game has twelve different lives to choose and different systems to choose from allow for many different ways to play the game. Also feature is art from Yoshitaka Amano and music from Nobuo Uematsu, both of Final Fantasy fame.

The game is expected to release in Japan on December 27th but with the Level Five showing interest in localizing their games there is always a possibility we may see this game in the west.