TGS 2013: New Edge of Eternity Trailer Shows Off Humorous “Giga HD” Technology

on September 18, 2013 3:01 PM

To show off just how awesomely realistic Midgar Studio’s supposed “advanced Giga HD Game Boy Color technology” is, the newest Edge of Eternity: Last Day of Universe trailer, gives you graphics so real…it looks like really people are fighting with props and cheap effects in a video!

The new humorous trailer, which you can view below, is so visually awesome that one unnamed (and probably fictional) GameSpot reviewer said it looks better than his girlfriend. Of course, all of this is to get gamers amped for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The Edge of Eternity: Last Day of Universe website and Kickstarter will be available in just a little over a day as of this writing, according to the website’s countdown clock, to debut on the 20th.

As previously reported, Midgar plans not only make Edge of Eternity: Last Day of Universe available on iOS,  Android, Windows Phone 8 and  Blackberry 10 devices, as well as the PS Vita,  Ouya,  Wii U,  Xbox One,  Playstation 4,  PC,  Mac and Linux platforms, but to have a Cross-Save feature that lets you play on a mobile device and then continue playing at home on a larger platform. Whether this will just be a Sony feature for the PS4 and PS Vita, or a feature they hope to carry across mobile and computer-based platforms is unclear.

Check out our preview report for screenshots; check out their Steam Greenlight page for updates and to vote for the game, and check out the Edge of Eternity: Last Day of Universe website and upcoming Kickstarter on Friday to lend support. You can also support Midgar on Thunderclap, which has various links to their Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr game and studio pages, and learn more details there.

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