TGS 2013: Yakuza Ishin Strikes Twice With Both Story and Gameplay Trailers

TGS 2013: Yakuza Ishin Strikes Twice With Both Story and Gameplay Trailers

The next in the Yakuza series, Yakuza Ishin, gets two new trailers, one covering story and the other showcasing gameplay.

The story trailer gives us an inside look into the seedier side of Bakumatsu period (the end of the Edo period in Japan) and all the conflict and death that comes with being with the Yakuza of those days. Meanwhile, the story trailer actually shows us the bloody battle system, which is similar to the normal action-based gameplay you’d come to except from Yakuza, but with swords. The protagonist himself can use both a sword and a revolver in combat, which is excellent for switching between short and long range. He also has hand-to-hand combat skills and seems to be to pick up items to strike enemies with.

The hero (I use this term loosely) can forge new swords for himself and can chop wood. The leveling and skills system looks similar to the sphere grid system from Final Fantasy X, so that seems interesting. The hero can even garden and teach an adorable Shiba Inu (a breed of dog) tricks.

As usual for the series, the locales are very accurate and in this game we even have realistic passage of time and AI behavior that’s dependent on the time of day.

It also looks like players can use their PS Vita to play mini-games through the cross-play feature.

You can watch the two trailers below, and it’s filled with tons of content so definitely check it out.