Good Guy Thanos and The Buff Collector Become What If? Twitter Icons

By Sam Woods

August 18, 2021

The MCU is jam-packed with fantastic movies and TV shows, but Marvel’s What If? certainly has one of the most interesting premises of all, even if they haven’t always hit the mark so far.

The series leans into the multiverse and explores what would happen if different scenarios had occurred within the MCU.

First up, we saw Peggy Carter fill the role of Steve Rogers and then, in this weeks episode, T’Challa took Peter Quill’s mantle and became Star-Lord.

While the late Chadwick Boseman’s performance was great, as always, there were two more characters who became unlikely favourites in this weeks episode of What If? – Good Guy Thanos and The Buff Collector.

Ask The Question | Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Disney+

Ask The Question | Marvel Studios’ What If…? | Disney+

Who Are Good Guy Thanos and The Buff Collector?

Thanos is the MCU’s greatest antagonist, at least until this point, committing/attempting to commit mass genocide.

What If? flips this on its head, however, as in this universe it turns out that T’Challa managed to convince Thanos to channel all his negative energy into becoming a force for good, just by having a conversation with him.

This exploration of the new Thanos adds some great comic relief to the series and definitely helps offer a different perspective on things.

However, with the Mad Titan not so mad anymore (for the most part), there is a gaping hole left for another major villain to fill – step forward The Collector.

Up until now, The Collector was a bit-part player in The MCU, appearing a handful of times to help move the story along. That changed in What If? as the character managed to replace Thanos.

He transformed from a scrawny coward to a buff supervillain, complete with an arsenal of some of the MCU’s most deadly weapons, including Thor’s Hammer, Captain America’s Shield and Hela’s Headdress.

How Did Twitter Respond?

Of course, after the episode aired, both The Collector and Thanos were the talk of the social media world.

You can see a selection of our favourite Twitter reactions below:

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