That Disabled Girl Dating Sim is Out Today

on January 4, 2012 10:00 AM

Stop the presses, something productive has come out of 4chan. Former members of the infamous online community in collaboration with Four Leaf Studios have released their dating sim featuring disabled girls, Kawata Soujou (literally meaning “Disability Girls”). The traditional text-and-sprite-based game follows a visual novel style… oh, and it’s been in the making for five years.

A one-page concept illustration by Zettai Shoujou — a Japanese manga circle that includes Valkyria Chronicles lead character designer Raita Honjou — served as inspiration for the game. The plot revolves around a boy named Hisao who has contracted a terrible heart condition. Forced to attend a private school for kids with disabilities, Kawata Shoujou follows Hisao’s love life as he dates around a group of big-breasted girls with physical limitations.

There’s Lilly, who is blind; Shizune, who is deaf; paraplegic amputee Emi; Hanako, who has burn trauma on her face; and Rin, who has no arms. If you manage to kindle a strong relationship, you’ll be treated to some special “erotic scenes” featuring your gal of choice. Ooo baby.

Kawata Shoujou is available for free at the developer’s website for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux PC systems.


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