That’s So Fetch, Mean Girls Game is Coming to iOS “Soon”

That’s So Fetch, Mean Girls Game is Coming to iOS “Soon”

Get ready to make out with a hot dog and only wear pink on Wednesdays, for the classic movie 2004, Mean Girls, is coming to the iOS. Yes to all of this.

Regina George once again stands tall as queen bee as So Much Drama! Studios is in charge of development.

The Means Girls game takes place after the movie and finds the original Plastics at peace with their world, when a new upstart Plastics clique attempts to take control of North Shore High School by piecing together the broken Spring Fling Tiara.

Players can select from eight of their favorite Mean Girls characters—Cady, Regina, Gretchen, Karen, Janis, Damian, Aaron, and Kevin, each with their own distinct boost abilities—and all the cliques from the cafeteria, to help defeat opponents and complete each level.

No matter which clique players belong to, from band geeks and preps to regulation hotties, the game offers seven different ways to play including gameplay modes such as You Can’t Sit With Us, Social Suicide, She Doesn’t Even Go Here, and The Limit Does Not Exist.

Additional Mean Girls game features include:

  • Location, Location, Location: Play through movie-inspired locations such as the North Shore High School Cafeteria, Classroom, Football Field, and the Basketball Court.
  • Power Ups: Collect hump day treats, Kalteen bars, peppermint foot cream, pieces of the tiara, and improve popularity to gain points and boost power ups.
  • Let It Out Honey: Burn your friends on Facebook with your high scores and let them have it in the Burn Book.

You go, Glen Coco and check out the screenshots below for a closer look at the game.