That’s You! Brings the Party to PS4 in Launch Trailer

That’s You! Brings the Party to PS4 in Launch Trailer

The PS4 party game That's You! shows off its various local multiplayer focused games in a new trailer that coincides with the game's launch this week.

While most players expect massive, epic adventures on PS4, titles like the recently-released That’s You! are instead bringing players together for some laugh-out-loud fun, with a new trailer kicking off the party.

A new trailer has been released for That’s You! to coincide with the game’s launch this week, which highlights the various party games and more that players will be able to play with their friends on PS4 locally through smartphones and other devices, all centered around taking selfies and manipulating them in funny ways. All in all, the game comes packed with over 1,000 funny questions, so it’s guaranteed you’ll be playing it for some time with friends.

Specifically, the game includes a variety of mini-games where you take a photo and then scribble funny captions or doodles on your friends’ photos, do funny impressions with on-screen photos, and much more. Like The Jackbox Party Pack titles, anyone that wants to play the game can hop in through a phone, computer, tablet, or other smart device by inputting a code that will let players access the game (or spectate and play along even if they aren’t one of the five primary players in that round).

That’s You! is available now for PS4 – you can check out the game’s brand new launch trailer below: