The "3" Reasons Why Nintendo 3DS Will Overtake Sony PSP2/NGP

By François Chang

March 2, 2011

If the recent success of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan wasn’t enough, I have the “3” definitive reasons why Nintendo has nothing to worry about with Sony’s upcoming release of PSP2/NGP. And trust me, my reasons are more than the typical fanboy outcries of “NIN10DO IS ARE BETERZZ” seen all over the internet. Am I trying to start a war between the systems? No, because this is a war that none of us can start. The companies started it. The very fact that these companies label their products as “competitively priced” is a clear indication that these products were planned to be pitted against each other. So, don’t go off saying that I’m trying to “fuel a fire” or trying to “troll.” Please. It hurts my feelings. Here goes my “3” reasons Nintendo 3DS will be on top of the portable gaming food chain:

1. The Nintendo Brand

This is the easiest, but undeniably, biggest contributing factor to Nintendo’s next portable device. The Nintendo company has been around for over 100 years, and has decades of experience with videogaming. People know Nintendo. People know what to expect, know Nintendo’s product lineage, and know what they like and don’t like. In this day and age, we all know reputation counts for a lot, and Nintendo has one of the best. Nintendo was ranked number 6 on Forbes’ list of most reputable companies in the world. Guess where Sony was ranked. Sony was listed as number 126. Sure, it’s a matter of opinion and this list is not the be-all, end-all, but something as credible as Forbes placing these companies 120 places apart from each other should mean something. It wasn’t a photo finish of a rank or two. People will take a chance on a system from a company that they trust.

2. Nintendo Knows the Difference

Both Nintendo and Sony have consoles and portable out in the market. But, what Nintendo and Sony do differently is how they differentiate the two. With the power that PSP2/NGP wields, this could be very easily seen as a PlayStation 3 on the go. The issue here is if this is what people really want. Think about it. There is a reason why portable DVD players aren’t the items of choice for people on their way to work. People would rather save their movie experiences with their audio-pumping and cinematic big-screen televisions in the comfort of their own homes.

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We really don’t know how the interaction between PS3 and the PSP2/NGP will be, but what if PS3 games, unlike DVDs, do not run on both the console and its “supposed” portable counterpart. And if they did, PSP2/NGP will be a money losing decision for Sony. That’s the reality of it, and I know Sony, like every company in the world, is in it for the money. I’m probably being confusing, so I will explain this with an example that hits close to home. With your original PSP, would you rather purchase the next big movie for your PSP via UMD, or would you rather get the DVD? The obvious choice would be to get the DVD, and this is what I see will be happening for the PSP2/NGP being released alongside the thriving PS3. Will gamers be torn between getting the next big game for their portable or for their console since both will be capable of running the same games? LittleBigPlanet is on both PS3 and PSP, and, outside of the incredibly rich, I don’t think many people bought both games. One of two things is going to happen: You’re either going to get the same game on both systems, or watered-down versions of them. Plus, the money-saving argument doesn’t apply here. Back in the day, I would settle with Game Boy Color games, because we couldn’t afford an Nintendo 64. By the way things look, the PSP2/NGP will more than likely cost more than a PS3.

Portables, by nature, are meant for casual and quick experiences. It is why I find myself and others playing games like Mario Kart DS and Tetris DS the most when on the go. Straying away from Nintendo, it is why I see people playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja the most. Casual games is what people want when on the go. Nintendo gets that, and that’s why Nintendo DS has been so successful. If Sony took the casual route, then all of the power it sports feels useless. It seems like Nintendo purposely left out some of the horsepower a device in this generation is capable of, because it truly doesn’t need it. Although, the choice with Nintendo Wii still confuses me…

3. The More People Who Own it, the More Fun it Will Be

The more people that have a game, the more fun it will be. I have seen and played games that had ingenious online or connectivity functions, but, as long as no one played it, they were useless. By the reasons I have given, Nintendo 3DS is looking to sell very well compared to the PSP2/NGP. If PSP2/NGP never hits a certain peak or some high-number of owners, then some of its online and connectivity functions will be rendered useless or less fun compared to Nintendo 3DS. Gamers will be more inclined to get games that more people own/play. Gamers like to be social with their portables. It is why Pokemon caught on so fast. It was the first game to push linking portables as hard as it did, and people, both young and old, wanted to be a part of that.

Based on comparing the price, brand, and games, Nintendo 3DS will have more owners. This means more fun, which means more people owning the system, which means more people spreading the word, and this means more sales. It is a vicious circle that works completely in the favor of Nintendo.

There you have it. These are the “3” reasons why Nintendo 3DS will overtake Sony’s PSP2/NGP. Some of this you may already know, and some of this you may disagree with. In either case, let me know what you guys think. Don’t be shy.

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