A 3DS Persona Crossover, Persona 5 For The PS3 – So What’s The Problem?

A 3DS Persona Crossover, Persona 5 For The PS3 – So What’s The Problem?

When the Nico Nico livestream was first announced, many Persona fans were excited and hopeful that one of the games premiered would be the long-awaited Persona 5 (myself included). In this regard Atlus did not disappoint.

Before that final bomb was dropped, the company introduced two new projects: Persona 4: Dancing All Night for PS Vita and of course, PersonaQ: Shadow of The Labyrinth for 3DS. At first, the reception for the latter was surprising poor, which may have been attributed to the fact that the livestream had just started and viewers were getting impatient and worried that P5 would never see the light of day.

After the stream, many viewers continued to bash the game, not only focusing on the cute deformed style of the characters, but also on the fact that it’s a 3DS title and not a PS Vita one.

Atlus finally showed the teaser for Persona 5 and all should have been well or at least the criticisms should have been reasonable. But PersonaQ continued to get vitriol hurled at it and even more baffling, Persona 5 was getting trashed as well. Instead of the complaints being centered around the teaser not showcasing any gameplay footage, which is completely valid, many online commentors on sites such as YouTube, Neogaf and N4G seemed to focus on the fact that the game would be released for PS3 and not the recently launched PS4.

Persona Q

To first address the issues taken with PersonaQ, arguing that a Persona game–not even a main series one–on a Nintendo platform betrays Sony could not be further from the true. Let’s list the Persona games that have been released on a Sony platform:

  1. Persona 3
  2. Persona 3: FES
  3. Persona 4
  4. Persona 4 Arena (alongside Xbox 360)
  5. Persona 4 Golden
  6. Persona (both the original and remake)
  7. Persona 2 (both the original and remake)
  8. Persona 4: Dancing All Night
  9. And of course…Persona 5

These of course are not even including all the other Atlus games that have been released for various Sony platforms. I understand that not getting a game on your platform of choice can be frustrating but making incredibly childish claims to explain away that frustration severely weakens whatever argument you tried to make.

The second argument concerning the rather unique artstyle is derisive but games that go for more cutesy and toon-like designs tend to be criticized far more harshly for it; an example of this occurred when The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker first came out for Gamecube. Many Zelda fans were incredibly vocal about their displeasure with the cell-shaded designs but when the game launched it received the recognition for its gameplay that it deserved. This will most likely be the case for PersonaQ, as the development team for Etrian Odyssey (another reason why this game is on the 3DS) is incredibly experienced with dungeon crawlers.


Next up is Persona 5. Why is it such a problem that the game is coming out for PS3? Did people really come into that livestream expecting that Atlus, a company that released a PS2 game about two years into the life cycle of the PS3, would develop a major game in their major franchise for a newly launched console?

Atlus is a small company; in order to ensure that their flagship titles sell well and that they don’t lose precious money and resources, they need to put their games on systems with a high install base. That was true concerning the PS2 versus the PS3 and, whether anyone likes it or not, is now true for the 3DS versus the PS Vita or the PS3 versus the PS4. Atlus simply can’t afford to take a huge risk with their games.

But let me know what you think–what is the problem with Persona 5 and PersonaQ?