The 7th Citadel Blows Past $1 Million In Its First Day on Kickstarter

The 7th Citadel is the latest massive Kickstarter success for Serious Poulp. Sadly, you'll have to wait until May 2022 to play it.

September 23, 2020

The 7th Citadel is the next game in publisher Serious Poulp’s catalog of exploration-heavy board games. Already, the game is flying up the Kickstarter most-funded list, easily pushing past its initial funding goal. In fact, the game has already surpassed the original game’s first Kickstarter run. Though it does have a ways to go if it hopes to catch the $7 million the reprint and expansion raised.

The 7th Citadel takes what Serious Poulp built in its first game and adds to it in some major ways. These games are all about exploring and adventuring through different locales. The 7th Citadel takes players to a “post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy”, which is definitely a new one for me.

Not only does the upcoming board game take players a brand new world, but it also looks to streamline some of the gameplay. Survival mechanics have been completely stripped from The 7th Citadel. Each player will also craft their own unique character, complete with a personal action deck. However, the most interesting thing to me is the new “dynamic dialogue system” which should make some of the NPCs feel much more lifelike.

The Serious Poulp games are kind of an offshoot from your typical, miniature-heavy Kickstarter campaigns. These are massive products that boast ridiculous amounts of content. I’ve had the first game for a few years now and have barely scratched the narrative’s surface. Unlike games from publishers like CMON, you’re paying for story content, not just hundreds of miniatures. Neither option is bad, it’s just different approaches to game design.

The 7th Citadel is available now on Kickstarter. The campaign has 22 days to go at the time of this writing. If you’re looking for a board game that puts a premium on story-telling and will last you a long while, give this one a look. Of course, the game isn’t set to release until May 2022. So, prepare to wait.

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