The A.Typical RPG Has a Demo Out; GET HYPE

By Allen Park

February 16, 2011

Where did this gem come from? Newly formed indie dev Pyrodactyl has been steadily working on The A.Typical RPG for a while, and they’ve finally released a short-but-sweet demo of their work. The game is an off-centered, slice-of-life RPG where you take control of a bunch of college buds as they try to slack their way through a semester in college and survive the hordes of various characters out to get them.

The plot sounds like Persona and Scott Pilgrim had illicit sexual relations, and that sounds very very good to a dirty voyeur like me. It doesn’t hurt that the graphics are all hand-drawn and look like something straight out of a children’s book, with vibrant colors, bold lines, and cheery detail all throughout.

You can download the demo here, and while you’re at it, you might as well pre-order the game. It’s only $2.99 for the regular version and $4.99 for the “Extra Cheese With Lightning Bolts” Edition, which includes alternate dialog, deleted scenes and other goodies. With the way this game is looking, both deals sound fantastic. The A.Typical RPG is set to come out on March 24 on the PC.

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