The Adventures of Ledo and Ix Featured on PATV

By Matthew Jay

January 6, 2011

Being a huge Penny Arcade fanboy already, it’s no stretch that I love PATV. From the first episode of the documentary series I was absolutely enthralled with the lives of our favorite webcomic creators Gabe and Tycho, their friends, co-workers, family and most importantly the fans. The first season alone must have brought me to tears 6 or 7 times and that is no exaggeration. The production team for season one, 2 Player Productions the guys who brought you Reformat the Planet, and later in season two Vantage Point Productions, manage to perfectly encapsulate who we are as gamers and why we love games so goddamn much. I’m getting misty eyed right now thinking about when Mike Krahulik jumped off the stage at PAX and hugged that guy.

The series quickly branched out into a whole network of video game related shows, starting with Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub’s Blamimations and later including Mega64. Now another series has been brought into the fold called The Adventures of Ledo and Ix from production company Kid Can Drive.

Drawing viewers in with the familiar 8-bit JRPG aesthetic, Ledo and Ix not only hangs a lampshade on some of the classic JRPG foibles and cliches but delves into the psyche of a game hero lost in a desolate world that he must save, even if he doesn’t want to. Weird things are kind of my fortè, especially in relation to games, but even I was not ready for the stark contrast of surrealism and colorful retro sprites.

“At its surface this is a comedy that every fan of 8bit RPGs will be able to appreciate, but then you realize how much more is going on,” explained Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade.  “Ledo and Ix ingeniously uses video game archetypes and tropes to create humor while exploring the very human need to make sense of an insane world.”

Episodes of The Adventures of Ledo and Ix will be posted post on the first and third Tuesday every month at PATV.

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