The Alienware Steam Machine Will be Moddable, But it Won’t be “Easy”

on January 24, 2014 8:04 AM

The recently announced Alienware Steam Machine will be moddable by users, but doing so will not be easy compared to other platforms, Alienware boss Frank Azor has said in a statement to Eurogamer.

While the company’s product will not expressly prevent user changes to the machine, putting in these upgrades will be much harder than on a desktop tower. The reason, Azor says, is that the machine is designed to be small and compact, making it harder to get to the internal components.

The Alienware Steam Machine, announced at CES, is designed to deliver a great gaming experience in the living room and we will enable customers to upgrade components. Considering we’ve purposefully designed the Alienware Steam Machine to be smaller than the latest generation consoles, upgrading the internal components will not be as easy as compared to other platforms, such as the Alienware X51, but we will not prevent a customer from upgrading.

As an alternative to having users upgrade the internal workings of the Steam Machine, Alienware is also expected to release an updated device every year.