The American Dream Trophy List Announced [SPOILERS]

The American Dream Trophy List Announced [SPOILERS]

The American Dream's full list of trophies have been revealed two days ahead of its launch and includes the rarity of each trophy and how to unlock it.

As the release date for The American Dream draws near, those interested in picking up the upcoming VR indie title can now start planning on how to tackle and obtain all the trophies available in the game.

Over at PSNProfiles, the website has provided a full list of all the trophies that will be up for grabs, including the rarity of each trophy. According to the list, The American Dream has a total of 34 trophies offered (1 Platinum, 6 Gold, 7 Silver, and 20 Bronze).

After careful examination of the list, it appears that a good majority of these trophies will require you just to complete an easy objective within various chapters of the game. While others need you to perform specific in-game tasks such as purchasing a particular amount of firearms. Consuming a certain number of food items, firing a precise amount of bullets, and finding stars hidden throughout the game.

Based on all the trophies offered in the game, personally, I feel that this is an easy platinum trophy for players to earn. It appears that the only trophies that will require a substantial amount of exploration and provide the most challenge are the collectible ones.

You can check out a full rundown of the trophies below this article. For more information on The American Dream, check out the launch trailer, which was released earlier today, as well as a few screenshots of the game in action.

The American Dream is set to be released on March 14 for HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift.

Name Description Trophy
Lived The American Dream Thanks for playing! Love, Samurai Punk <3 Platinum
Begin The Cycle (Chapter 1) Begin your journey into The American Dream Bronze
Baby’s Got a Gun (Chapter 3) Shoot down the ducks with 100% accuracy Bronze
Rising Star Award (Chapter 4) Catch the fastball in your face Bronze
Heartbreak (Chapter 5) Change your mind about which one of the twins you like Bronze
Carnival Pleasures (Chapter 6) Shoot down 5 pins from the back row in the shooting game Bronze
Royale With Cheese (Chapter 7) Earn at least $5.00 Bronze
Razzed My Berries (Chapter 8) Out-dance Rex George Gold
Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bullet (Chapter 9) Defeat the hose without getting hit by any bolts Bronze
Oh, Maggot! (Chapter 10) Eat at least 4 maggots from the cheese Silver
How Is Babby Formed (Chapter 11) Learn how babies are made Silver
Cleansing The Mind (Chapter 12) Hit yourself in the head with toilet paper Bronze
Freedom of Speech (Chapter 13) Listen to all of Rex’s objection before shooting him Silver
Vegan-Friendly Bagels (Chapter 14) Complete the stage without letting a single rat dough through Bronze
Environmentally Conscious (Chapter 15) Shoot 15 beer cans into the trash can Bronze
True Patriot (Chapter 16) Ensure all daisies survive til the end of the stage Silver
August 24th (Chapter 17) Eat the entire stack of waffles Bronze
370,000 Traces A Year (Chapter 17) Eat the entire stack of waffles Bronze
Catch of the Century (Chapter 19) Shoot a fish in mid-air Bronze
Edward Scissorguns (Chapter 20) Complete the stage without a single civilian casualty Gold
Peacemaker (Chapter 21) Blow up 20 cars Bronze
The Ring of Freedom (Chapter 22) Witness the dawn of the Second American Revolution Gold
Muzzle Break Reach the Intermission Silver
Continue the Cycle Experienced the fake ending Gold
End the Cycle Experienced the true ending Gold
The Business of Freedom Buy 50 Guns Bronze
Super Size Me Eat 30 pieces of food Bronze
Happiness Is a Warm Gun Shoot 1,000 Bullets Silver
Bring All The Boys to The Yard Make a milkshake Bronze
Jerkin Around Pump the shotgun 10 times without shooting Bronze
Lock and Load Manually eject and reload your gun 100 times Bronze
Twinkle Twinkle Shoot 1 hidden star Bronze
Half a Patriot Shoot half the hidden stars Silver
Star Spangled Banner Shoot all 48 hidden stars Gold