The Artful Escape Will Be Rocking Out on Xbox in 2020

Announced at XO19 in London, The Artful Escape is coming to Xbox in 2020 bringing some trippy face-melting guitar licks in some wild environments.

Announced at XO19 in London, The Artful Escape will finally be released in 2020. Along with it was a brand new trailer showing a boy rocking out on guitar and performing a tre flip off a cliff. It was pretty rad.

Set in 1972, The Artful Escape stars Francis Vendetti as he goes on a pretty massive trip to find some inspiration for his stage persona on the evening of his first performance. From the far reaches of outer space to far-reaching snowy mountaintops, you’ll traverse these album cover-esque environments with the only power that matters. The power of rock n’ roll. The guitar melody in the trailer sets the tone for Francis’ adventure, which seems to be pretty epic.

Back in February 2016, The Artful Escape launched a Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, it did not meet its funding goal. Fortunately, Annapurna Interactive decided to publish the adventure game by developer Beethoven & Dinosaur. It was revealed at E3 2017 that the game would be heading to the Xbox One. Until now, not much has been said about The Artful Escape since that reveal.

As mentioned, The Artful Escape will be coming to Xbox One sometime in 2020. A specific date has yet to be announced. While it is safe to assume that the trippy musical game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass when it launches next year, that tidbit is still unknown.

Xbox really brought its “A” game with its presentation at XO19. While indies such as The Artful Escape were able to take a bit of the spotlight, big announcements such as Rare’s new IP, Obsidian Entertainment’s new IP, and surprise JRPG Xbox Game Pass additions were able to steal the show. 2020 definitely looks like an interesting year for Microsoft’s console platform. You can check back on the site for all the big news that came out of today’s presentation.

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