The Ascent New Gameplay Footage Shows Some Next-gen Battles in the City of Veles

The Ascent new gameplay footage has a lot to show about the game's key features and its stunning cyberpunk world.

With next-gen consoles arriving later this year, a lot of developers around the world start to unveil their upcoming projects for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Recently revealed during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox, The Ascent is a top-down action-packed RPG set in the futuristic city of Veles, and you’re about to find out more about its gameplay mechanics and world-building thanks to its latest in-game footage.

Captured fully on Xbox Series X, the gameplay shows different locations and areas of the cyberpunk-themed world of The Ascent, along with a bunch of weapons and abilities that can be used against the various kind of enemies. Visually, The Ascent looks stunningly attractive. Destructible objects, bullet effects, lighting, and texture quality, all represent a realistic next-gen game coming from a small indie team. Actually, The Ascent is the very first title developed by Neon Giant studio, and gameplay-wise, it looks exciting enough that I wouldn’t mind pre-ordering it if I get an Xbox Series X day-one.

While the gameplay showcases the single-player walkthrough of a mission, the game will be supporting a 3-player co-op mode as well. You will have full control over your character with lots of customization options for cosmetics, weapons, and skills. As shown in the footage above, searching the area for loots and new gears is an important part of the game.

Story-wise, The Ascent follows the tale of a cyber-slave who has been sent free after the mega-corporation behind the slaves and workers of Veles collapses for an unknown reason. As a result, aside from a civil war in the city, other corporations have also invaded Veles to take over it.

The Ascent is set to be launched sometime this year for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. The game won’t be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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