The Badass Hero Receives Name Change to Fury Unleashed; New Trailer Released

The Badass Hero hits Bro Force levels of chaotic twin-stick 2D shooter action in its latest trailer under the new name; Fury Unleashed.

on August 9, 2018 10:15 AM

The trailer for Awesome Games Studio’s upcoming shooter crams a mammoth amount of brightly-lit action into its 74-second duration and reveals that from here on in, the game will go by the name of Fury Unleashed moving forward.

Formally known as The Badass Hero, Fury Unleashed is a rogue-like 2D shooter, jam-packed with heavy weaponry and enormous bosses. The game allows you to create your own comic book-style character from a range of male or female accessories before going on a rampage across perilous jungles, military bases, and other environments.

The trailer boasts that the game will feature an ever-changing landscape for you to blast through on your own or with the help of your friends, killing everything in sight to fill up your “Fury Meter.” The game’s 40 bosses fire tons of colorful ammunition in complex arrangements, forcing players to think on their feet and constantly move in order to avoid damage.

Fury Unleashed will be bringing its fast-paced and chaotic gameplay to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC early next year. For a closer look at the game, you can check out the new trailer below for the title before its release on consoles and PC:

Eoghan Murphy is a staff writer at DualShockers. He is a gaming veteran with over 25 years of button mashing experience under his belt, and a particular interest in eSports. When not playing or collecting games, he can be heard presenting and producing radio shows in Ireland.