The Banner Saga 3 Officially Announced; Takes to Kickstarter

The Banner Saga 3 Officially Announced; Takes to Kickstarter

Today, developer Stoic officially announced The Banner Saga 3, as well as its Kickstarter to help raise funds for the game.

The third game in the trilogy had been previously been confirmed, but never officially announced or revealed. And like the first game in the series — but not the second — The Banner Saga 3 has launched on Kickstarter, this time looking for $200,000 USD by March 7th. As to why the developer decided to return to funding platform, you can read our lengthy post about the second game’s underwhelming launch, Stoic’s fumble in maintaining a community, and how it plans to fund the third game.

For those that don’t know: The Banner Saga 3 is a tactical turn-based strategy RPG game that is best described as Final Fantasy Tactics, meets Game of Thrones, meets Oregon Trail. The Banner Saga 3 is the third and final game in the mini-series about Vikings, where every decision you make has heavy and sometimes far-reaching consequences. It casts you into the end of the world and asks, “how do you deal with this.” According to the Kickstarter, Banner Saga 3 is aimed at people who appreciate art, story, and strategy.

As for the combat, the third game in the series will also harken back to the classic “Tactics” days of gaming. The combat is straight-forward and easy to learn, but after a few battles you’ll realize that under the game’s simplicity is a vast layer of tactical depth.

You will build your own party from a roster of over 40 unique characters, each unique both on and off the battlefield. Each unit has a combat style of their own, and the key to the combat is combining all these different combat styles into one well-chosen roster that will get you through the game’s sometimes punishing campaign. The emphasis is on tactics, and less on brute force and grinding.

The story on the other hand is pitched as a mature story for adults, that tasks players with forming relationships and making tough decisions. Oh, and there is no needless sex, swearing, or endless violence either, which is quite refreshing if I’m being honest.

As you play, the choices you make as events unfold will have a huge effect on how not only the story plays out, but on who survives, who dies, and who lives. Most decisions are not black and white, but rather grey and with no great solution.

Beyond the story and combat, the third game will also boast the same stunning landscapes as of the first two. Specifically in the Banner Saga 3 “The Darkness” will play a major role, with your exploration poised to be anything unlike what you experienced in the first two games.

The previous two game’s hero progression system is also set to return, though no new details on improvements or additions to said system have been divulged. Also like the previous two games, all the cinemas will be done in 2D and drawn by hand using good ol’ fashioned animation techniques directly from the golden age of animation.

Now, if you’re a fan of The Banner Saga 2 none of this is really new information to you, alas, the Kickstarter isn’t full details on the third game. But it does have the following story overview:

Banner Saga 3 concludes the tale. Steel your nerves, step forth into the approaching abyss. Cross the threshold from daylight without end into untold darkness. Warped lands within threaten your sanity, and a writhing wyrm tests your mettle. But here, in the darkness, is where secrets are brought to light and motives are made clear. Are your friends who they claim to be? They all look to you. What story will your banner tell?

Banner Saga 3 currently has no release date, and as of right now the game is only listed for PC and Mac, but like the last two games, it will surely be heading over to Xbox One, PS4, and mobile devices as well.

Notably you can add $20 USD to any pledge and receive the first two games. For more information be sure to check out the game’s Kickstarter page here.