The Banner Saga 3 Gets New Trailer Showing Bolverk, Leader of the Ravens

In anticipation for its release this summer, The Banner Saga 3 gets a trailer featuring its fearsome mercenary leader Bolverk.

While fans of the series The Banner Saga eagerly wait for its third installment to be released this summer, its YouTube Channel released a trailer focusing on its fearsome leader of the mercenary clan the Ravens, Bolverk.

The trailer leads with a disclaimer of spoilers for the first two games of The Banner Saga and then describes Bolverk’s violent nature but also his steadfast devotion to the Ravens and its shieldmaiden Folka.  Bolverk was originally an NPC introduced late into the first game, but he was a playable character in the second.  In addition to Bolverk, The Banner Saga has previously released character trailers for the Vvarl loyalist Fasolt and the Dredge, a humanoid race made of stone.

The Banner Saga is an immersive fantasy strategic roleplaying series heavily inspired by Norse mythology.  The player’s choices have a great impact on the outcome of the game. Last year, developer Stoic announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund The Banner Saga 3 which will be the epic conclusion of the series.

The Banner Saga 3 will be released this summer, but you can currently add it to your Steam Wishlist for PC and Mac.  You can check out the trailer featuring Bolverk below.  You can also view an art reveal trailer here.

Ashley Donnelly

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