The Banner Saga Collector’s Edition Is Now Available and Includes a Physical Bust of Ubin

The Banner Saga Collector’s Edition Is Now Available and Includes a Physical Bust of Ubin

A physical version of Stoic's original The Banner Saga is now available as an Indiebox subscription package. The collector's edition includes various additional items.

Independent developer Stoic, monthly game subscription service Indiebox, and indie publisher Versus Evil have announced a collaboration to bring a physical edition of The Banner Saga to life. However, as an Indiebox product, it’s only going to be available for a limited time.

The collector’s edition of The Banner Saga includes a game case, the physical game disc, a soundtrack, instruction manual, and a premium collectible 6 ½ inch bust of Ubin. The whole box has only been made available from June 20 to July 18.

If you are unfamiliar with Indiebox, it is a monthly subscription service that brings collector’s editions of indie titles to its customers. Since indie games tend to only be issued in digital form as a result of their studio’s limitations, Indiebox forms partnerships with these indie developers to bring their titles to physical form. These boxes tend to also include a few physical goodies.

If you’re interested in getting the collector’s edition of The Banner Saga or any of Indiebox’s future packages, the company offers one month subscription plans for $24.99, as well as a few longer subscription options for lower prices. The service’s collector’s editions are playable on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Check out Indiebox’s website for more information.

In The Banner Saga, you lead a cast of characters across a Viking fantasy epic, fighting for both their own survival but also that of an entire civilization. The game offers various dialogue trees and outcomes over the course of its story. It also features a unique art style and tactical combat system.

Recently, Stoic announced Banner Saga 2’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions would be receiving their very own Survival Mode as a $4.99 add-on to the game.

Additionally, Banner Saga 3’s Kickstarter proved to be a successful one, as Stoic was able to unlock a number of stretch goals before the crowdfunding campaign ended.