The Banner Saga’s Latest Update Features Behind the Scenes Footage, Gameplay, Music & More

on October 1, 2012 4:23 PM

Stoic has released another update regarding the progress of its Kickstarter-funded, story-driven strategy game, The Banner Saga, via its Kickstarter page. The update features a video that shows off some behind the scenes footage of the game’s production, in addition to some gameplay, which demonstrates the game’s combat.

Austin Wintory (Composter, The Banner Saga) also gives viewers an update on how the game is sounding with a short audio sample. He was quick to mention that the music featured in the video may likely change quite drastically, as the game develops.

Stoic also announced that backers will soon be able to take part in a beta for The Banner Saga: Factions; which is basically a stripped down version of the final game, focusing purely on combat. Stoic say that Factions will be playable in November and confirmed that the final game is being delayed until the first half of 2013.

For all the details regarding The Banner Saga’s progress, visit Stoic’s Kickstarter page here.

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