The Battlefield 3: Limited Edition Physical Warfare Pack is a Decent Pre-order Bonus

I actually really hated the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition. I mean it was just a joke: a bunch of weapons that were largely in the game already and a mention on the front of the box was all I noticed. There was no special packaging, no physical goodies or trinkets, nothing exclusive or altogether ‘Limited’ about it at all. It made me jump to conclusions about the Battlefield 3: Limited Edition Physical Warfare pack. That was until I realized that it wasn’t actually the Battlefield 3: LE, it’s a pre-order weapon pack. That said, its actually a pretty formidable pre-order bonus.

It comes with two guns – the DAO-12 semi shotgun and the Type 88 light machine gun – as well as a stealth accessory for sniper rifles and armor piercing ammunition for the shotgun. This thing isn’t confirmed for the US, but it will be available in the UK exclusively via GAME and GameStation retailers. The actual Limited Edition will contain the Back to Karkand expansion pack, which is a collection of redone maps from Battlefield 2.

Back to the earlier point, doesn’t that sound like a garbage LE? Everything besides the disc itself will be available for purchase as DLC. It looks like only difference between the LE version of Battlefield 3 and the standard version will be nothing but the words “Limited Edition” on the front of the case. That sounds absolutely terribad. Isn’t it awful how much less excited I’ve become since the beginning of this post? Battlefield 3 is confirmed to release for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in Fall of this year.


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