The Beatles: Rock Band More Songs Revealed

Those of you who frown upon Rock Band have no idea the fun you’re missing.  I used to be one of those guys sitting on the sidelines watching my friends and others play the plastic instruments in disgust.  There was a point when I was contemplating on taking the four pound plastic guitar and clubbing every single person intertwined with the game.  Then, reality struck, the alcohol faded, and I was thinking straight – nothing uncool-er than having a picture of me holding a plastic guitar dripping blood as the bodies of my victims lay twitching to the sounds of “Hungry Like the Wolf” and its porn-sounding bass.  Eventually, Joel talked me into playing it and, after the first, I was hooked like Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character in the movie Radio on phonics.  The best part is that MTV and Harmonix actually collaborate to give players quality songs.  And with quality songs, who better than the legendary group The Beatles?

MTV Games and Harmonix today revealed 19 more of the 45 on-disc tracks that will be available in The Beatles: Rock Band leaving all, but one song a mystery.  The newly announced 19 songs represent a cross-section of hits and favorites that span The Beatles’ storied career from “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Lucy in the Sky Diamonds” to “Ticket to Ride” and “Something,” bringing the total number of announced songs to the magic number 44.  Why MTV Games and Harmonix find it humorous to have its consumers go frantic one song is beyond me, but, all I know, is that the song better be something that will make people freak out because, if it sucks, best believe I will be consuming some Jack Daniels for a couple of hours and looking for my plastic guitar.

You can look at the song list after the leap. The Beatles: Rock Band 19 Songs:

  • “Boys” / Cavern Club
  • “A Hard Day’s Night” / Ed Sullivan Theater
  • “I’m Looking Through You” / Shea Stadium
  • “If I Needed Someone” / Shea Stadium
  • “Ticket to Ride” / Shea Stadium
  • “Drive My Car” / Budokan
  • “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Getting Better” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Good Morning” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Hello, Goodbye” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Hey Bulldog” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Dear Prudence” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Helter Skelter” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Something” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Come Together” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
  • “Don’t Let Me Down” / Rooftop Concert
  • “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” / Rooftop Concert
  • “I Me Mine” / Rooftop Concert

You guys will soon see me taking pics of myself rocking out to these tunes, guaranteed.  And you will envy me for it.

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