The Beginning After The End Chapter 147 Release Date, Time, And Recap

Aldir's motives are not clear yet.

May 26, 2022

Everyone expected Windsom to be the new star, but Aldir took his place and killed the Greysunders very smoothly. What is he up to next; we will see in chapter 147 of The Beginning After The End.

After killing Lucas and saving the Xyrus city from his terror, who would have imagined that Arthur would have to go through hell instead of being praised by the council. But finally, after so many chapters, we get to see something we had all been waiting for. A man named Aldir arrives out of the blue and takedown Greysunders without giving any explanation. It came as a surprise, but who cares? The best thing is, we won’t have to see Greysunders again. We are yet to see if Aldir turns out to be a friend or a foe, but at least for now, he looks like a savior.

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The Beginning After The End Chapter 147 Release Date And Time

The new chapter 147 of TBATE will release on Friday, May 27th, 2022. You can read the new chapter on Tapas media’s official website.

Here’s the time the new chapter will follow in different locations due to its concurrent release schedule.

  • Pacific Time: 10:00 AM PST (May 27th)
  • Central Time: 12:00 AM CST (May 27th)
  • Eastern Time: 1:00 PM EST (May 27th)
  • British Time: 6:00 PM BST (May 27th)
  • Europian Time: 7:00 PM CEST (May 27th)
  • Indian Time: 10:30 PM IST (May 27th)

TBATE Chapter 146 Recap

The chapter starts with Dawsid and Glaudera celebrating with a glass of wine and talking about the man we have heard about for the last few chapters. Dawsid says that he and his people are chosen to rule the continent alongside “him.” Glaudera asks if “he” is really that powerful, to which Dawsid replies that he had fought all kinds of terrible mana monsters, but he never knew fear until he met “him.” Dawsid further adds that knowing “him” was like facing the god.

They continue their conversation, and Dawsid tells her that, although “he” doesn’t need them to achieve his goals, “he” still decided to choose them. Swayed by the conversation, Dawsid is about to tell her the truth about the incident that permanently crippled his mana core. But then he stops talking and wonders if he would still have his powers if the peasant didn’t attack his mana core, whose wife he slept with.

While the Greysunders are enjoying their personal time, Aldir barges in and tells them that he is being instructed to kill them. As expected, Olfred comes to their rescue and tries to attack him with his Stone Golems. But Aldir destroys all the Golems without even touching them. Olfred then tries to attack Aldir himself, but he takes him down without any effort. After Olfred, Mica comes to guard the Greysunders, but she can’t do anything against Aldir as well.

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Glaudera warns Aldir by mentioning Agrona of Vritra as an almighty deity her husband was going to be friends with. Aldir replies that there are no deities in the world they are living, but only Asuras. He then commands Dawsid to release both his Lances from the oath, which he is reluctant to do. But for the sake of his life, Dawsid has to release both his Lances. Aldir then says that he never promised to spare their life, after which he kills both Dawsid and Glaudera.

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